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  1. Thomas the Tank Engine Sir Handel Replica

    For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    If there are any Thomas the Tank Engine fans out there, you might be interested in this. I've got measurements of the original model of locomotive "Sir Handel" from season 4 of the show. I've designed a CAD model and am going to place a batch order for laser cut brass body parts. The brass...
  2. O MTH Railking steam train set

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hi....I am new on here. Don't know much about trains- purchased this on a whim years ago and its been used and then sitting on shelf for a llong time. I am more active on RCGROUPS. Here is the description. Used Railking 2-8-0 train set. This was a RTR set- it is a union pacific steam freight...
  3. Lionel post war locomotive 2037 e unit

    Technical Model Train Forum
    I am working on this locomotive and have come across something new to me. The e unit seems to be functioning correctly mechanically, but when I cycle it I get forward..neutral..reverse..neutral..nothing..neutral..nothing..neutral..forward..neutral..reverse..neutral then the nothing cycle again...
  4. American flyer 4321 1938 O gauge tracks

    General Model Train Discussion
    can I use Lionel O gauge tracks for my set ?
  5. O guage with curly Q connector

    General Model Train Discussion
    i bought this train set from 1939 but the loco does not have any connector to the tender and instead there is a nut and bolt which connects them together. I asked the seller and he is saying that it was originally like this . it seems a very strange n unlikely setup , can someone please verify ?
  6. Where is Burlington Northern in S, O gauge?

    Beginner Q & A
    Hi all, I'm trying to find these Burlington Northern engines and cars and caboose. See image. I find it very challenging to find these in O gauge or S gauge. I may have to settle on HO just because that's what's available. Point me in the right direction if you can. Thanks!
  7. Double track O gauge Deck Plate Girder Bridge

    Structures Forum
    It is about 40" in length, piers are hand carved and painted pink foam. Bridge is wood and other materials. Additional photos can be seen on my website:
  8. Lionel Railroad Ties $10 off during April

    Product Promotion
    Hi my name is Josh I and I sell soft plastic railroad ties for Lionel Trains. For years these have been sold by my families injection molding company first via mail order, then paypal and now Amazon. We sell them in O, O-27, and S gauge in 250 bag quantities. Click here to go to our web store...
  9. 8 x 14 layout

    My Layout
    I haven't visited here in quite some time. This is where my layout was: As it turned out the porch was not a great idea. The dirt that blows in, plus the moisture when it rains is too much of a problem. So, my wife has given me the garage to use. I've purchased a...
  10. Lionel #3665 Minute Man Car

    O Scale
    Does anyone know if Lionel REPRODUCED the #3665 Minute Man in later years? Maybe in the PWC Series? I'm looking to buy one now on E-Bay and I'm being told that it's a Reproduction? Thanks!
  11. Lionel O and O27 Postwar items

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    I have the following items for sale. Fedex shipping, actual cost, is extra. Prices are negotiable. I priced these based on my study of Ebay completed auctions. 250 W ZW transformer $120 - great shape, fully functional Madison and Manhatten cars 2627 and 2628 (one incompl box) $100 - complete...
  12. 4x8 FastTrack layout needed - 2 trains

    Layout Design Forum
    4x8 FastTrack layout to accomodate two Lionel O Gauge trains running simultaneously needed. Does anyone have any ideas / pictures / list of specific track needed?
  13. Should I clean this track?

    O Scale
    Should i spend my time cleaning this or spend my money on new track?
  14. Selling my collection of Lionel O Gauge Trains

    For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    Hey all, selling a ton of Lionel trains, selling everything. All starting at 99 cents, no reserve on eBay, so if you're looking for anything please take a glance to help me out. Most are vintage and almost all are in original box! I have engines, boxcars, cabooses, spotlight cars, you name it...
  15. Marx remote switch voltage

    O Scale
    I posted this in the wrong Forum; sorry new to this business. What is the minimum voltage I need to apply to a Marx remote switch to cause it to engage? I have a 1033 transformer with 5, 11 or 16 volt terminals. Thanks, Dan:confused:
  16. Problem w/O gauge Thomas Lionel engine

    O Scale
    My son received a handed-down set for Christmas from cousins, and everything was working until this morning. The engine, when placed on the tracks and power turned on, won't move. Track light comes on suggesting power is coming to the tracks. Also, if I lift the front OR back of the engine...
  17. [WTB] Want all your O gauge (or 1/60 to 1/48 scale) buildings

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    No interest in collector piece, just to add to my battlefield (I'm in miniatures wargaming). I pay the value of the resin/plastic/lead it's made of, not the memories it could kept. My figures scales beetween 28 to 32mm (to know if your building may interest me). I'm in middle eastern and modern...
  18. Information (for a newbee) MARX Train

    O Scale
    Hi! I am new here. For years, I have been fascinated by train sets. But for what ever reason I have only two sets. Niether of which is set up permanently. But on to the reason I am here now. One of the two sets I own is an old set from my child hood. Still in the box with track, transformer, 1...