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  1. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    I have a collection of over 200 cars and Locomotives. 80% of the original boxes. Large plasticville. (20+ buildings) Some brand new in box. Automated train loaders. (Barrels, animals, etc..,). Train crossings. I have all the trains and some of the collection audited in Xcel. I can send to...
  2. Model Train Videos
    For the last time, the Twin City Model Railroad Museum in St. Paul, MN, is doing Night Trains. This is it. They've lost their lease and have no where to go. If you can get out to see them, don't miss out. Here's some video I shot last weekend:
  3. Model Train Videos
    I went up to Cross Lake, MN, yesterday and visited an awesome model railroad museum run by the Northern Minnesota Railroad Heritage Association. They are nicknamed the "Northern Trackers." The model in three scales: G, O, and HO. There O-Scale layout is pretty impressive along with some locos...
  4. Model Train Photo Gallery
    Well, back this past December I started thinking about doing a model train and even asked for advice on this very forum. In the end, I decided to do a very simply oval loop with one siding layout with my Dad’s old 1950’s O-27 Marx train set. This is my first real train set, but, after 7 months...
  5. Model Train Videos
    The St. James Model Railroad Club in St. James, MN, has layouts in three scales: G, O, and HO. We took a trip down there to check it out. Although their layouts are still under construction, it was worth the trip. Here's some videos: The O-Scale Layout: BoYNOfL-8cg&hd=1 AND The HO-Scale...
  6. Model Train Videos
    A brand new video shot today at the Twin Cities Model Railroad Museum: Enjoy!
  7. Layout Design Forum
    Hello there - finally got my account approved:) so I can post! I am planning an O scale shelf/ceiling layout along the lines of what member deviltrigger529 has. Seen here for those that are not aware of what I am talking about. I was also talking with him before my account was approved...
1-7 of 7 Results