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  1. Town Planning: is Plasticville a good option?

    HO Scale
    I've got within driving distance of me a chance at real, vintage, good o'l Plasticville buildings, to create a good chunk of town, and really solidify my foot in the non-railroading side of my pike. I already have the church, should I go further onward?
  2. Conover? Who can tell me about them???

    HO Scale
    I'm looking for info on this long gone company, and I'm looking for their New Haven A-5 4-4-0. I have known of them for awhile, and would like to have more on their story. I have a copy of May 1996's Continental Modeller (a magazine from England), which talks about a Brit's pike, the Gulf &...
  3. Old Steamers

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    Southern got me thinking. It was actually Stationmaster, ooops:ohwell: I use this and found this and this and this...