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  1. Busy Station Platform

    In the foregroud, a boy & father are looking at a model of the new LX Wagon.Arabs are looking at the map. A porter is handing luggage to the blonde lady who is leaning out of the window of the sleping car.
  2. Class 18 Locomotive Being Serviced

    A German reparations locomotive is being serviced. It is the motive power for a Royal Train.
  3. Calais - Brusseles Express

    Calais Brusseles Express loading passengers at Porte de l' Armoire
  4. Loading Ice

    Loading ice, food and baggage onto the Blue Train
  5. Steam Release

    Naughty Orient Express engine driver releases steam.
  6. Frenchy's Dance Club

    Art Deco night culb in the Hotel Vernie
  7. Train Bleu Bus - Model

    Model - Blue Train bus
  8. HO Scale
    I personally loved CIWL coaches, and one day hope to have alot of them (for making the orient express or other night trains using them.) But I am wondering (considering the fact that this is an American site) How many of you have CIWL coaches, I would love to see them. (also I would like to know...
1-8 of 8 Results