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  1. O Scale
    I broke a specialized screw with a shoulder that holds a motor in place on their 4-6-2 Pacific brass engine made in Korea, probably in the 1990's. Anyone know a source for such parts?
  2. HO Scale
    I posted before about Tyco and some wanted photos of what I have. There are also Pennsylvania, Athearn, Vollmer, and some unknowns. I do have some track and wires as well.
  3. For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    I have a large lot of freight cars and shells for parts up for auction. Need to consolidate. Thanks, Tim
  4. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Alright, here I have a small with diesel switcher. Roadname: The Rock I have everything that this model came with. Yes, it is old and dirty. It has seen better days, but it also has many days ahead of it. I was going to try to repaint it, but changed my mind. I have all the grab irons for...
  5. O Scale
    I bought this icing station and when testing it, the push arm does not return back to start position. If held upside down the action seems to work fine. I've looked at for info and wonder is there another thread here that covers it or another online source to get parts list /...
  6. General Model Train Discussion
    Hi everyone, Just joined the forum to enlist some expert help figuring out what replacement part I need (thought it would be a lot easier to figure out). I have a Lionel Polar Express O-gauge engine (~2008). There is a plastic sleeve/holder that the truck axle fits into which has broken. I...
  7. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    About a month ago, my father-in-law suddenly passed away. He left behind a good-sized HO Scale model train collection that includes tons of accessories plus 135 brass & non-brass cars and engines. He collected and built his layouts mainly between the years 1985-1990. The family has decided to...
  8. How-to4

  9. How-to3

1-10 of 10 Results