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  1. HO Scale
    I'm always drawn to projects (others say "Lost Causes"). I believe this is an Athearn Passenger Car. I was wondering if anyone could identify its type - Passenger, Combination, etc, and if its not too much to ask, what RRs used them. I would like to put an interior in, etc. Thank you
  2. Want to Buy (member-to-member)
    Hi, Slightly embarrassing that this is my first post here, but anyway... I'm planning a layout based around the NEC in the Penn Central era, around 1971 to 1975 (I want to run E60s, GG1s, E33s etc). I need some passenger cars- due to space (and cost) constraints, full length Rapido and Walthers...
  3. O Scale
    Some of you may have seen my other thread on lighting passenger cars cheaply. This has been a fun project and I would like to post the final result in all of it's glory so people who don't want to dig through a massive thread can take advantage The #1 goal in all of this is to light my cars as...
  4. O Scale
    I've been looking everywhere for the part number so I can order them and I can't find it. MTH instructions just say to contact them for the replacement. I need to order some parts from Brasseur anyway so thought I would pick some up. These are the cars I need bulbs for...
  5. O Scale
    I've tried using store bought LED strips (25$ a pop here in VA) which are far to expensive to light more than one car. I have a lot of passenger cars now in need of a lighting upgrade so that's out of the question. Recently, in another area of the forum, someone posted a link to some LED strip...
  6. General Model Train Discussion
    I have two Kato N scale Amfleet cars that I must install lights for. What the the advantages and disadvantages of the Kato light kit and the Easy Peasy light kit? And can the Easy Peasy fit the Kato Amfleet without trimming? Thanks! Brandon
  7. Z Scale
    Hello! In the last hour, I've taught myself a bunch about model trains, and I think I know what I don't know, if that makes sense. I've joined the forum to ask for some help with what kind of passenger car I can use for a project on which I'm working. I don't want the car to run (gasp!), I...
1-7 of 7 Results