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  1. Beginner Q & A
    I've seen a few different HO plans on the SCRAM website that I'm considering tackling, but on a N scale. Is there a formula / guideline into converting the overall dimension of a HO plan to N?
  2. HO Scale
    im looking for free templates?plans for ho 1:87 farm building and park?garden. im brand new to model building and im brand new to using forum so i hope this is where im suppose to b
  3. Product Promotion
    For the past several years has been offering a new plan each month, but with a double move, (home and office), and unforeseen circumstances, we are several months behind. We will soon be back on track. (No pun intended, but it seems to fit). We will soon be coming out...
  4. Product Promotion
    I'm still way behind on my "to-do" list, but we've managed to add several plans to our Garden Scale site. Here are a few of the recent additions: St. Mary's Church near Savona, BC. The Great Stone Viaduct in Bellaire Ohio The Orbisonia Firehall
  5. HO Scale
    I have found and started playing with Xtrkcad and came up with a track plan which I think will work out. The dimensions of the layout will be 5.5' by 3.5'. The idea was to have something that I could store under my futon frame. The plan to have a simple loop on the ledge separating my kitchen...
1-5 of 5 Results