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  1. O Scale
    Jim has sent me another challenge box. Thanks! Jim! My first project is the broken truck. Next to the replacement. The best part is that they don't match. Ed, don't get excited the epoxy is warming up. Then I cut out the usable and unsuable. I want surface area for strength...
  2. O Scale
    It starts with rust. The best way is to remove the wheels and wire brush them out. But the tabs breaks :(at the orange arrows. It's not the end of the truck. Just fix it. First you set the axle back in and use super glue on the joint. This hold everthing so you can support the back with...
  3. O Scale
    The first picture shows an original lens to the search light car,but often enough they look like the second. So what to do. You can order replacements. Ebay had two for 6 bucks or you can improvise and go to the local hardware store. I was looking for a nut for a snowblow when I stumbled...
1-3 of 3 Results