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  1. O Scale
    For some reason, my gateman sticks on the door most of the time. It's almost like the figure is facing the wrong way and the arm sticking out with the light hits the door. I tried to adjust the gateman but it won't budge. Any thoughts? Video
  2. O Scale
    Hello people of the internet, I was recently gifted a 2004 lionel polar express set from a friend at my dads job, and it is stuck in the reverse direction. If anyone could possibly help it will indeed be appreciated.
  3. O Scale
    Just got my Polar Express TMCC Speeder in from Mr. Muffin's Trains! Photo below and I made a YT video. I mainly bought this for future use once I get a bigger track setup. Update- realized mine was made incorrectly and has QC issues! Missing Santa Claus! I guess I am on the naughty list.
  4. Technical Model Train Forum
    Hello, My first post here! When we set up our Lionel 6-31960 Polar Express train around the Christmas tree this year, the CW-80 transformer made buzzing noise and the train did not move. The green light came on, and the engine made humming noise like it was about to go but did not move. The...
  5. O Scale
    I am looking for the 6-81101 Polar Express 10th Anniversary Set. I purchased one Dec 2016 and then Hurricane Harvey took it from us along with all of our other trains... I would really like to find another one for my son but the one I found is the full retail price. As of today we still don't...
  6. O Scale
    I know this set may be out dated a little and it is not as big as it used to be, but does anyone know if Lionel is making anymore Polar Express cars?
  7. O Scale
    My son currently has the Lionel Polar Express fastrack set and the Thomas fastrack set. I started building a 4' x 8' layout for Christmas with the intent that he can use it year round. The attached track layout is what I was planning (it seems like a really fun layout). I made a trip to the...
  8. O Scale
    So, to sum up... Train fall down, go boom. As you can see from the photos it was a pretty clean break. I'm looking for ideas on how to best repair. I've already discovered solder does not stick as you can see from the schmutz on the edge of the pilot platform. Any suggestions would be greatly...
  9. Model Train Videos
    I just got my additional B BEEF for my B&O BEEF set. I realized after some experimenting that I would need the extra power to pull anything more than a few cars. I have been on the fence whether to save up for the matchin PEEPs or wait for RMT's new O-27 streamlined passenger cars so I put my...
  10. Structures Forum
    Greetings, This is a post for how I contracting the buildings in my Lionel Polar Express layout, Here is the finished product. The images following show the progress of making them. I originally wanted to use actual buildings but had...
  11. My Layout
    This is a log of the 4x8 O Gauge layout I am doing for my son. I originally had plans to do a 4x12 layout (one 4x8 table connected to a 4x4 table) and make it a layout based on a portion of the New Haven Shoreliner run along the Connecticut shore line with a section that could pass as the Polar...
  12. Structures Forum
    I am planning on building a section of my layout using this type of via duct and would like to have the lights around the arch. Mine will be in a curve around one end of my board. Of course probably not as detailed. I plan on scratch building the structure using foam board and being about 4...
  13. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello, I have purchased a used polar express train set for my sons first train. I purchased it without a box, and think it would be so much better for him to open it this christmas complete with a box "including Styrofoam inserts. Please let me know if you have one you can part with and how...
  14. O Scale
    Hi everyone. I'm a newbie, planning on buying my son his first train set this christmas. So I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section of the board. Looking to pickup the Lionel Polar Express O gauge set. I was wondering if it's possible to get the additional sounds like the bell and engine...
  15. Technical Model Train Forum
    I'm having trouble removing the coach top to replace a burnt out lamp in my Polar Express coach car. I have followed the directions in pushing in the side windows and pulling on the top but the roof won't budge. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Any ideas on what to do?
1-15 of 15 Results