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  1. O Scale
    For Christmas I received a Davinici Mini 3D Printer and I've been having a blast. Up until this point I've been printing things made by other people or things I've just tinkered with. I needed to change that. I really like the looks of MTH tunnel portals but the internal dimensions were just...
  2. Structures Forum
    It has been cold, wet, raining a even snowing a couple hundred feet up the mountain from us. Yes I said SNOW that nasty 4 letter word!:mad: So I needed a indoor project, I'm still trying to get the rail bike done so I can get it sent off to Choo Choo in California if the weather would cooperate...
  3. Layout Design Forum
    This is Tunnels and Rock portals This is the next step after this tread Simple track laying and Mountain building read it first. It will explain the fine details Start with a piece of scrap ply and draw up this pattern for a single track and 1 3/8 off each center rail to sides and add center...
1-3 of 3 Results