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  1. Model Train Photo Gallery
    Hi, Another project I'm glad to share in this forum: a Diesel Shunter / Switcher GE 44 Ton Class 1100 CP (Portuguese Railways). The kit is produced by Arlo-MicroModel ( and should be used with the Bachmann Spectrum GE 44 Ton powertrains in H0 (1/87)...
  2. Model Train Photo Gallery
    Hi, Another set of photos of a project built for a friend that bought this model on the Internet. The model represented a Brissoneau Diesel Locomotive Class 1200 from CP (Portuguese Railways) in the standard orange/brown colour scheme, but my friend was a little surprised (not to say...
  3. Model Train Photo Gallery
    Hi, This is one of my recent projects: the English Electric Diesel Locomotive Class 1400 of CP (Portuguese Railways) in the standart orange/brown colour scheme, built for a customer. Portugal ordered a total of 50 Diesel Class 1400 locomotives from English Electric. The first bath of 10...
1-3 of 3 Results