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  1. O Scale
    I have the makings of what would have been a Lionel box set (though I acquired each of them separately.) A 1947 version of the Lionel 221 - with the nickle rimmed drivers - the tender is a 221W. What I believe is a 1947 version of Post War Lionel Pullman cars - 2430(2) and 2431(1). They are of...
  2. O Scale
    I have a 1955 Lionel O gauge set I got as a child. I want to expand and get another locomotive. Referring only to Lionel post-war items I am confused by the model numbers. Does anyone know if it is correct to assume that the 4 digit models, e.g. 2025 would be O27 and the 3 digit models are O...
  3. Crossover

    handlaid crossover built 1987 #5
1-3 of 3 Results