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  1. Product Promotion
    We offer a full service Lionel Train Repair from Pre-war trains to Modern Trains . Our specialty is in repairing Post-war Trains. We have been repairing our own Lionel trains for 20+ years. And within the last 3 years we decided to expand our help to others in the hobby that need work done. As a...
  2. O Scale
    Greeting all, I have recently acquired a 1946 Lionel #164 Log Loader. I was able to get the motor and lifting mechanism cleaned, lubed and running exceptionally well. The "off-loader" is a different story. The solenoid fires ok. However, the cams seem to have to much play between them...
  3. O Scale
    I am returning to this great hobby and have been putting together a collection of Post war units, I will be designing my new layout soon and like the idea of keeping my options open, so.. if I want to run post war on a large layout, which DCC system would be best (not looking to add DCC to...
  4. For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    Set up a website to conduct a virtual estate sale of a modest collection of Lionel Postwar, MPC and Modern Era O/O27 trains. Still loading photographs, descriptions and shopping cart buttons, but most of the inventory is listed. More details on the website. Early bird shoppers are welcome...
  5. For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    I have some operator grade postwar trains for sale on my website:
  6. O Scale
    A few weeks ago I found my fathers 1952 Lionel train set and it was not in the best condition. The engine was seized up and the tender didn't function. All of the insulation on every single wire was cracking and falling off. It has seen better days that is for sure. My father had a 180 watt...
  7. O Scale
    Setting up my old lionel o gage for my Grandson and was looking for a wiring diagram to eliminate the large switches provided for a postwar ucs operating track. I would be using an external power supply in lieu of track power. I've seen a few wiring schematics but they appear not to apply to...
  8. For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    For sale on eBay: My ebay listing has a detailed inventory with a description of each car and accessory and their boxes. An online album with photos of every car and accessory is located here:
1-8 of 8 Results