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  1. Track HELP!!

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hey All, Most peoples train tracks there are turn out point and some times those turn out point go in to there own siding.. but what im confussed about is all these turn out points all lead back on to the same track and because there leadin on to the same track when I start my train on the...
  2. Do I need a bigger Transformer???

    O Scale
    I've got TWO MTH DCS engines running on my O layout. I have been using a 60 watt MRC transformer and they run great. Then I hooked up 6 remote switches and now I get a short circuit shut down after about 2 mins of running. Me thinks the power to the tracks is not enuf, so a bigger transformer...
  3. Need more power DCC

    General Model Train Discussion
    I have a EZ command DCC controller and I am planning on running three trains through it. Will I need more power? If so, is there a non expensive way that I could get more power as well as the DCC controls both to work? I know there is an ez command walk around controller but I would like to...
  4. Thinking of going DCC (power pack question)

    Technical Model Train Forum
    I have a 4'5" X 8' layout. It consits of 6 independent tracks of which at the moment 2 tracks (loops) can cross over. In the future 2 other tracks (loops) will merge with the 2 that are currently crossing over. So, basically 4 tracks (loops) will be all connected in the future and 2 will be...
  5. Lionel TMCC, Legacy, & Conventional Power & Control

    O Scale
    Hello, I am new to the hobby and want to set up a O-scale multi-engine layout using Lionel FasTrack and the new Legacy Controller. I have purchased a set that comes with the conventional CW-80 transformer but have not yet purchased the Legacy controller. I have also already purchased a...
  6. powercord question

    O Scale
    i have a trainmaster control remote that works my train and broke the grond tab off the the plug end... is this necessary to have and use... my train isnt working correctly and went to the train store and they cant order any... radio shack or any similar stores dont carry the 3 prong plug just...