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  1. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello, everyone!! I have two beautiful MTH engines that I'm looking to get rid of! They're mostly brand new - I'd rate them a C8/C9 as they come in the original boxes, with all original accessories. Here are the details: EDIT: Dash 8 sold!!! Railking SW9 - this engine also comes equipped with...
  2. Technical Model Train Forum
    I'm splitting this off from my original thread here, as this section seemed more appropriate and I figured a proper thread may gather some attention. For curiosity's sake more than anything (and the fact I just like doing this stuff), I started researching and tearing into the .mth soundset...
  3. Technical Model Train Forum
    Is there a replacement for the QSI Proto-Sound 1 controller? I have a Rail King (MTH) Southern Cresent Limited with Proto-Sound version 1. It is a beautiful engine and I'd like to run it, but there's a problem. It won't run. From the MTH website: "If the battery is discharged it will be unable...
1-3 of 3 Results