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  1. General Model Train Discussion
    Hello everyone, I am a new member to the forum, I have good news for the community here, especially the PRR fans such as myself. The Broadway Limited HO scale PRR Q2, considered to be holy grail of Broadway Limited Imports locomotives due to its rarity & its unique wheel arrangement, as it has...
  2. HO Scale
    i have been thinking that the Bachmann 68611 ALCO RS-3 would be a good fit for me (note i don't have a layout yet) but i not sure if i should get it any thoughts?
  3. HO Scale
    Hey All I am Rob. I am new here from the Uk. I had a nice delivery in the Post today the Bachmann GP7 in Pennsy scheme with sound value. I love these locos. As someone only just getting into American stuff the quality and price compared to UK stuff is amazing. A bachmann UK sound loco will...
  4. HO Scale
    I NEED YOUR ADVICE. My dad modeled the Harrisburg line for the Pennsylvania Railroad (specifically, Harrisburg, PA in 1953 for the PRR down to the Port Road). He recently passed away and we're trying to figure out what to do with this incredible layout. It was an extensive layout with...
  5. Norwottuck Rr 001

    First stages of the fictional Norwottuck RR. Set in the region of Amherst MA over the Norwottuck rail trail.
  6. HO Scale
    I have a BLI 2-8-2 PRR that runs great, good sound (Paragon). I have 22" radius curves on my layout, #6 turnouts, so I only ever go with ones that show 18" minimum, never go with the 22" minimum, modeling PRR after WWII. Just a small (54" x 132") double track junction (2 industries and a small...
  7. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Lionel Phenolic Body PRR Boxcar 6-51401 Unpacked, Inspected & Photographed- Never Run, C10 minus Grade - very slight box wear. Features: Phenolic Body Die-Cast Sprung Trucks Metal Detail Parts Opening Doors w/ Latches Operating Die-Cast Knuckle Couplers Metal Wheels & Axles 10 1/2" Length...
1-7 of 7 Results