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  1. Tinplate
    Hi, I am new to the forum, but a long time train enthusiast, and I just purchased my first MTH / standard gauge steam engine...It's the MTH "No. 6" B&O 4-4-0 tinplate steam engine reproduction by Lionel! I paid $750 total for this loco brand new never opened in sealed carton and being OCD, I...
  2. HO Scale
    I just bought a small Bachman Rio Grande steam loco for my son. It had both light and smoke and cost about $80.00. The train ran fine except it refused to smoke. At first I put 3-4 drops in and then when it didn't smoke after a few minutes I put a few more drops in. It still would not smoke. I...
  3. 3dk

    General Model Train Discussion
    I have just discovered a wonderful new range of card kits. I know what you will be thinking but it's true! They are as detailed as any kit I have seen and they are half the price! They have a range of o gauge and Ho kits available. I ordered the british o gauge medium brick station at was...
1-3 of 4 Results