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  1. HO Scale
    I'd like to buy EZ track for my HO scale train, running the Bachman brand locomotive you see in the picture. Right now the locomotive jumps the track pretty often. Someone suggested I buy larger radius track, but I don't know which radius to buy. I'm not even sure the radius I have already. But...
  2. Layout Design Forum
    Hi Guys, I found something cool today and just wanted to share it for others who might me looking for something similar. They are called sweep sticks and used to shape flex track or making hand laid track. They come in any radius you want and all scales. Here is the link...
  3. N Scale
    Does anybody else have an issue with longer rolling stock binding up on Kato Unitrack 12 3/8" radius curves? I seem to be having an issue with several pieces of my rolling stock that I can't figure out. A 50' Athern box car rolls fine, however a 50' Atlas box car and a 60' MicroTrains centerbeam...
  4. HO Scale
    Hey everyone. This week I got myself into a pickle, and now I'm looking for advice. I just bought a HO scale Bachmann DD40AX #6900. As soon as I tried placing it on my section of 18" radius Bachmann EZ track curve, I came to realize my rookie mistake. I have heard these huge engines will work on...
  5. N Scale
    If I have a half-circle of 9.25" radius track, where exactly is the 9.25" measured from? Inner edge, outer edge, centre? Thanks!
  6. HO Scale
    I've been doing a bit of research for my upcoming track plan and i am going to have a length of wall about 5M long to work with. I am looking at having a ruturn loop at either end which sticks out further than the main line however I am wanting to keep it as tight as possible. I have seen many...
  7. N Scale
    Ok so I am planning my layout and I wanted some advice on minimum radius for track. I want to do my layout with a loop so I can have a train continously running. I plan on doing steam engines era 1920ish and I heard steam can be more finicky on turns. Thanks
1-7 of 7 Results