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  1. O Scale
    Bought my first Weaver 3-rail engine. New England Central GP38-2 (U7596-L) that I think is conventional with bell and horn only as the model # on the box had suffix L. Read somewhere LP stands for 3 rail with TMCC/RailSounds whereas L is conventional. We'll see when it comes in - hope it runs...
  2. O Scale
    Today I began to test a new locomotive purchased recently on Craigslist. This is a Lionel RS-11 Diesel with TMCC and Railsounds 4. It is item 6-28521 and was built in 2008. The most glaring defect is that there is no sound coming from the engine. The lights work, couplers fire and the fan-driven...
  3. O Scale
    I hope someone can direct me to a source of a user's manual for a K-Line NYC O Scale Mikado with TMCC, Railsounds and Electrocouplers. I bought this locomotive today at a train show in San Jose California and it came absolutely bare with no box or documentation of any kind. I believe it was...
  4. O Scale
    Lionel currently has new railsounds boards for sale on their replacement parts web page. I have a railsounds boxcar with a railsounds 2.5 board installed. The board is functioning (conventional mode) but I'm wondering if I could upgrade this car to a railsounds 4.0 board available now from...
  5. O Scale
    so i was watching this Lionel product video showing one of their conventional models equipped with a rail sounds tender. it seems it the sounds all come from the tender. so my question is, would it be possible to buy a tender and use it with any steam engine you have?
1-5 of 5 Results