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  1. N Scale
    Can anyone recommend a reputable repair person that would install MT couplers on my Kato F3 ABA set? I live near Sacramento CA. I don't have the boxes for them. I would rather not ship them. Thank you!
  2. O Scale
    Hello, I’ve been restoring this old Lionel 4-4-2 I got from a flea market- so far everything has gone smoothly, motor runs fine- disassembly was easy. However, I’m getting a MASSIVE headache over trying to reassemble this thing- whether it be the smoke unit not fitting in right, or the when the...
  3. HO Scale
    Bought a Scale Trains 53' container and found its latch rod was broken after opening the package. Since this item is obsolete, I wasn't able to get a replacement and decided to repair it by myself (tiny job right?). So I am wondering which type of adhesive shall I use? Any particular brand...
  4. O Scale
    I have a Lionel 2020 that I bought off Ebay that is in poor condition; I only wanted the frame since I'll be casting a different body from aluminum, so its appearance is of little concern to me. However, it is quite apparent that someone attempted to make their own repairs at some point, and the...
  5. S Scale
    Just got an american flyer 751 log loader but the controller for it is missing wires and i cannot find a wiring diagram. would anyone possibly have a photo of the bottom of the controller so i can rewire this, thanks.
  6. O Scale
    About a year ago I let some kids use the train table and one of them pushed the thumb wheel hard enough to break the plastic on the mount. I've glued it a number of times since then and this weekend it broke again. This time while trying to fix it the wires finally gave way and broke off right...
  7. Painting, detailing and decaling
    I recently built my own work cradle for upgrading, repairing, and weathering locomotives and rolling stock. I made a video about how I built it. I hope you find it helpful.
  8. G / #1 Scale
    Hi, All! My name is Michael. I'm a model train repair technician in Dallas, Texas, and a customer sent in his 25192 Mogul steam engine. His grand kids were playing with it and pulled out the wires from the tender plug. He got the wires back it, but it made a horrible static noise. I tried...
  9. O Scale
    I have a typical MTH PS2 engine smoke unit that is in need of repair. It's been over a year since I worked on one so I'm in need of some advice and a refresher. The engine has been running on my ceiling layout for about 8 months without the smoke unit turned on so it's been a while since it was...
  10. General Model Train Discussion
    Does anyone know how to remove the shell of a Lionel 2432 vista dome car in order to replace the light bulb ? ALSO... would you know how to remove the shell from a 2343 powered A unit in order to service the horn ? Thanks much.
  11. General Model Train Discussion
    Hello, I have 2 HO locomotives, one Athearn Genesis and one IHC, that are in great shape other than electrical problems. On the latter a wire is off. I don't have the skill or eyesight to do it myself. Anyone recommend repair shops that do mail order work? Thanks, Craig
  12. HO Scale
    Good morning all! I'd love to pick all of your brains and years of experience to get your recommendations for locomotive maintenance. If you had to bulletize a checklist, what would it look like? All I have is a box of old train stuff and my two youngest finally (last night) set up an oval...
  13. O Scale
    I bought this icing station and when testing it, the push arm does not return back to start position. If held upside down the action seems to work fine. I've looked at for info and wonder is there another thread here that covers it or another online source to get parts list /...
  14. O Scale
    Hello lads... ladies, I just purchased this American Flyer Train. I am new to trains as you can tell by my introduction first post. I need to know how to best restore this O scale train. How do I get the oxidation off of the metal and what would you recommend for the Body and other parts...
  15. General Model Train Discussion
    Hi everyone, Just joined the forum to enlist some expert help figuring out what replacement part I need (thought it would be a lot easier to figure out). I have a Lionel Polar Express O-gauge engine (~2008). There is a plastic sleeve/holder that the truck axle fits into which has broken. I...
1-15 of 15 Results