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  1. Thoughts on repainting prewar tinplate

    O Scale
    I have been admiring some prewar tinplate structures and trains on ebay. I love the colors and the lithographs are fantastic. Is there a rule or general consensus on repainting some of these things? If I were to repaint a tinplate bridge or some Marx stuff am I destroying a piece of history...
  2. Back in the Saddle -- Lionel 258 Revamp

    O Scale
    Hey guys ... While you've likely seen me poking around the forum regularly, I'll confess that I haven't really touched my trains for the last 6 months or so ... been busy with life's other commitments. Well, it's time to get back in the saddle, as they say. I picked up a junker prewar Lionel...
  3. More 1689e

    O Scale
    This is A How TO DO for a newly purchased engine. As in all my projects it has problems. I have startes one previously with a link here but have not finished. First I had to test the motor. I cleaned the armature and checked the e unit drum. The drum actually got loose when I pulled it from...
  4. Restoring a 1964 Lionel Set. Need Help!

    O Scale
    Hey guys, I am brand new on here, and to model trains. I recently acquired a 1964 Lionel 6 Unit Ready To Run train set #11450 from my girlfriends family. I would like to restore it and get it running again but I am unaware of how much that would deplete the value of the set. I had ran it for a...
  5. Lionel Prewar 1015 / 1035 & 1506L ... A Tale of Two Brothers ...

    O Scale
    As I have (hopefully) put my Lionel prewar 1681 loco addiction to rest, I would like to say that I am moving on to bigger and better locos. Sadly, that's not the case ... rather, I'm being inexplicably drawn to smaller more mysterious prewar Lionel locos. I'm not quite sure where I'm heading...
  6. 1689e

    O Scale
    The Subject. The motor. ... Time to play with the Vanerbilt and the 1664 engine. I am doing a fabrication to make this work. The engine does go with this motor but it has a different rear mount. The Lionel Jr isn't wide enough so I opted to make one that fits. I already removed the...
  7. 259E Revisited

    O Scale
    In the Junk Box I started working on a second 259e or at least parts of it. This thread is not to be confused with the 259e Revival. Basically I bought a shell and beat up motor. Or should I say a really beat up shell and motor. So popular was this auction that I was the only one...
  8. An Addict Scores: 1681 Mainlining

    O Scale
    You've heard me confess this before ... "I have a problem. An addiction, really ... to Lionel prewar 1681 locos." Well, the euphoric (and yet self-destructive) altered state of bliss continues ... While ebay-cruising, I stumbled across the following "parts lot". A little wheeling, dealing...
  9. Lionel 1688 Loco -- Second Chances

    O Scale
    Hi guys, There was a feel-good story that was all over the media this past week. A one-time radio announcer with a wonderful deep voice was "rediscovered" after years of living homeless on the streets. Several big media outlets tossed offers his way, and all cleaned up, he was soon announcing...
  10. 259E Revival

    O Scale
    The close look.
  11. Lithograph Repair

    Structures Forum
    I come across badly damaged prewar items that have the Litho finish. What to do? TJ has an answer and is currently trying out a new method. With a photo image you just wallpaper it on. SImple, exact replica with modern technology. Now that the pressure is on let's see how he does. If this works...
  12. Junk Box

    O Scale
    After Jim's addition I thought I would address some of the frames. The first one I was ready and got a Babe Ruth shell for buck. I removed the top paint with rubbing compound, paint remover , scotchbrite pad and a screwdriver for the edges. It fists nice. I finished it with the acrylic nonwax...
  13. Lionel 1668E streamliner - Under the hood

    O Scale
    Hi guys, My new (old) Lionel 1668E streamline loco arrived yesterday ... ebay find. She's in good shape on the outside, and actually ran around the test track OK. But I figured I'd open her up and give her a proper cleaning / lube. I snapped some pics, in case anybody down the road is ever...
  14. 6111 metal flat revisited

    O Scale
    I bought this while the wife chatted with the dealer. Rusted yeah. Scotch brite to the rescue. My helpers want to remind you that the rumors of the swine flu were false.:) So blue tape around the trucks and some paint grey and red. I leave the Lionel on the sides original. Next, make some bracketts.
  15. Restoring Prewar Tinplate Trains: A How-To

    O Scale
    I have written this how-to so that members of this site, or those just visiting here, can get some ideas for how they want to restore their O scale or Standard scale prewar tinplate trains... Before you start this process, be clear of two things... Firstly, not all people will enjoy restoring...