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  1. Technical Model Train Forum
    I went back to the circuits to understand how to lengthen the run times. The original with a 100uf cap runs 70 seconds out and 30 seconds on a return. 2 to 1 ratio which is determined with the two 470k resistors as r1 and r2 per the diagram. out...
  2. O Scale
    So you have an old train? Well, you know what track,transfroemer and the engine are but what about an E- Unit? This thread is hear to help the E Unit challenged. TO start it is the Gizmo under the shell that enables the Old Lionel to go forward,netutral, and reverse. That is the typical three...
  3. Technical Model Train Forum
    Having a little extra time I reviewed The auto reverse circuit and decided it was time to update. Basically I would like to simplify it, by doing a step by step. The circuit diagram is a Rob Paisley design. First I will build a board and then show how to use a Wall Wart to power it. A voltmeter...
  4. Ceilingtrains

    Some of my bridges from my customers. Welded from small sq steel tube with hundres of parts and thousands of welds.
  5. O Scale
    The 1060 motor is a simple plastic motor with no reverse. Parts are cheep and replacing the motor with a reversible is possible. I want to use this on my DC trolley line. So I added a bridge rectifier and made it DC. What this means is that on DC current when I reverse it the motor will run in...
  6. Technical Model Train Forum
    Update, this is the first thread. The second thread is complete and uses a walwart power supply to keep it simple. Here is the link I have seen this question at least twice in the forum and thought I would expand on it. Using our new resource from Bob Paisley (let us give the guy some credit...
1-6 of 6 Results