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  1. Beginner Q & A
    Hi guys, I'm going to create a point-to-point 6-car HO train that goes along the side of the beam shown in the photo. Question: What controlling gear (and special track gear, if needed) do I need to make it auto reverse so that it goes back and forth, continuously? The requirement is that...
  2. O Scale
    So, I Finally found myself a transformer, bought myself some track, and purchased rolling stock at our local train show. The locomotive doesn't run! It's getting electricity from the track, so the power source is OK. I took it apart and cleaned the motor, contacts seem to be in good order...
  3. O Scale
    Several of my steam locos from the MPC era (2-4-2s, 4-4-2s, etc.) have the 2-position E-unit with a double-wound motor field. These were all made during the 1970s. In several cases the E-units become balky and refuse to reverse once the loco has fully warmed up. It often takes multiple...
1-3 of 3 Results