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  1. O Scale
    My love afair with RMT is no secret, especially their F3s called BEEFs. I was sitting around thinking what other railroad colors would look like, so I found a prolfile image of a BEEF in silver and black and made some alterations in MS Paint. I posted these on OGR and wanted to share here as...
  2. O Scale
    Shipping caffeine to the North and South Fork. Now I just need a creamer tank car and a sugar hopper ;)
  3. O Scale
    This is a review for the LIRR O-27 Streamlined Passenger SET-1 from RMT consisting of #7738 baggage car and #2523 Coach. These cars are all based on the old K-Line molds but have also been updated with modern electronics and improved graphics and color application. I have been admiring the color...
  4. Model Train Videos
    I just got my additional B BEEF for my B&O BEEF set. I realized after some experimenting that I would need the extra power to pull anything more than a few cars. I have been on the fence whether to save up for the matchin PEEPs or wait for RMT's new O-27 streamlined passenger cars so I put my...
  5. O Scale
    This post is to document a modification I needed to perform on a new BEEF A-A set from Ready Made Trains (RMT). RMT's website stated that the BEEF was capable of handling 0-27 track, which it is. The issue was that it was unable to pull an 0-27, or other type, car through an 0-27 90 degree turn...
  6. O Scale
    I recently saved up enough of my "allowance" to purchase a B&O BEEF set from RMT for my new 0-27 table. I had been eyeing it for a few months and had been waiting for one of their frequent sales. I recieved my BEEF and was very impressed, but it would not pull a car around a standard 0-27...
1-6 of 6 Results