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  1. General Model Train Discussion
    I am about to start on a N scale layout of the Surfline, I am thinking of using several real materials on the layout and I have several crucial questions, how would I prepare real sand to be used on the layout as a beach? Can I use real ballast as rocks? And if so, how do I prepare them? And are...
  2. HO Scale
    i have a Bachmann The Rock 133274 series open top cargo car. what confuses me is, mine is full of coal. the ones i find online are all empty. what am i missing? thanks
  3. Layout Design Forum
    This is Tunnels and Rock portals This is the next step after this tread Simple track laying and Mountain building read it first. It will explain the fine details Start with a piece of scrap ply and draw up this pattern for a single track and 1 3/8 off each center rail to sides and add center...
  4. O Scale
    I am trying to hide this corner of the layout. Got to hide the ugly gas pipe and meter. That corner of the layout I built to pull out with just two screws on the section and two pieces of track unhooked. I have to plan that corner that way. Just in case they ever have to work on the...
1-4 of 4 Results