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  1. Painting, detailing and decaling
    I bought this beast on eBay because of its condition. I do not want to restore it. I want to replace the trucks and replace the generator with a rusty crane top I'll find at a thrift or something and rest the boom on where the searchlight was so it will look like some of the disused rolling...
  2. Painting, detailing and decaling
    Share pictures of your weathered, rusted and graffitied cars, building, and anything else.
  3. Painting, detailing and decaling
    So I saw in Micro Mark that they sell a rust paint that's water base and claims to give realistic effects. Wow where they right. It is called Model WASH for the rust effects. It made by vallerjo. Here's a pic of the bottle and trailer I rusted out. I decided idea to use an older 45'...
  4. O Scale
    Some cars just have it. I sand the areas . Tape up the trucks because of rivets. Then spray with primer amd black. This time I used flat/satin. The pits still show but the rusting has stopped. This is my newest car. For the crud on the wheels it was used but the shell looks great. Lionel car...
1-4 of 4 Results