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  1. N Scale
    New to N scale. Using Atlas N-7 layout. I've purchased 2 sets of Kato piers and 2 sets of the intermediate piers. Using Woodland Scenics foam track bed. Not sure how to attach bed to piers. Not using Fast track. Have not seen any photos of these piers in use. Can they be used just to...
  2. Product Promotion
    Hello all! Let me introduce to you CatzPaw Innovations, LLC. We design and 3D print S-Scale details, figures, and animals. We currently have over 120 items available for purchase and we release 5-10 new products monthly. We are located in Locust Grove, GA and will be attending local shows and...
  3. Product Promotion
    I wanted to share some model train backdrops that I've painted over the last few years. These have been painted on site with careful attention to period, scale, color of the modeled scenery and perspective of the viewer. I invite you to take a look at my website for a...
1-3 of 4 Results