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  1. Oil Refinery

    Structures Forum
    N Scale Oil Refinery done in balsa, plastic railings and stairs, misc. dowels, ans a couple tuna cans. That's a penny in the foreground.
  2. Share Your Scratch Built Truss Bridges

    Structures Forum
    Here is one in currently working on. Miss measured the amount of material I needed. Oh well, back to Hobby Lobby.
  3. Mrs. Schnebley's Sauerkraut - a 1/87 scratchbuild

    Structures Forum
    Good morning, crew! Before I continue, I would first like to thank the admin for approving my registration. I am posting my progress thus far on a version of Earl Smallshaw's classic "Perkins Produce" (photo below). The article, including scale drawings and color signs (a boon in those days)...
  4. Itchin' and Scratchin'! - Dance Studio

    Structures Forum
    So one of my blessings has been a wife that appreciates the fulfillment I get from this recently discovered hobby of modeling. Being a family of "crafters", she's been supportive of my late nights and curious infatuation with seeing everything in HO scale. That being said, I have helped my...
  5. Itchin' & Scratchin'! - Warehouse for Lease

    Structures Forum
    Been keeping busy honing my scratchbuilding skills this summer. I really enjoy it, and with the warm weather, its nice to be up out of the basement in the fresh air. Anyhow, decided I'd finally stop researching all these crafty techniques on modeling in strip wood and finally put them into...
  6. Itchin' & Scratchin'! - Cascade & Porter Mercantile

    Structures Forum
    Been having so much fun with a scratchbuild of a mercantile building that I haven't paused to take photos. Finally found my camera (actually ran out of wood and had to pause...) and took some shots. This building is named the Cascade & Porter Mercantile, a warehouse / one stop shop for our...
  7. Feedback needed for new scratcher

    Structures Forum
    Just getting going with scratch building for our layout. Really like the options and creativity it allows. Also, I'm really finding it fulfilling to recycle items and incorporate found materials. Fits our budget, too!:) Here's my latest - a warehouse / distribution center for our local tonic...
  8. Santa Fe Control Tower

    Santa Fe Control Tower

    A,T & SF Railroad Control Tower