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  1. Structures Forum
    After clearing out some holiday scenery, we have a space on the front side of the layout that I would like to use to expand our Lumber / Building Supply dealer. Decided to make two small structures to fill space - a lumber shed and a "barn" to house building materials. As usual, I am determined...
  2. Structures Forum
    I have a space for a small lumber yard shed. This will an out-building for a small building supply company. Hoping to scratch a small (approx 3" x 5") lumber shed, something along the lines of the Alpine Division or Atlas kits. Open bays, holding a few types of lumber / plywood. Anyone have any...
  3. Structures Forum
    Rumors have been floating that Santa might be bringing some trains to friends of our children. I had been hoping to use the break to build build a quick structure. I figured making two at a time would be easy enough, so I decided to make a background building for any lucky kids that Santa hooked...
1-3 of 3 Results