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  1. Want to Buy (member-to-member)
    Hello, I'm looking to purchase this MTH Coors Light Silver Bullet train set. If anyone here is looking to get rid of one or just willing to part with it, please let me know. Thanks.
  2. My Gg&n

    Modified GG&N
  3. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    I am afraid I'm not a train enthusiast, which is why I can't understand why I was given this set, but it is for sale nonetheless. I am not sure what it's worth, but from what I was told it's between $400-600. I was hoping someone might give me a more exact appraisal? The set is from 1960, all...
  4. Beginner Q & A
    Hi guys, Sorry for the redundant title. I didn't proof it, and now I can't edit it. I have about a $200 budget, and I want to buy a old west style steamer, like the 4-4-0's or similar and the associated track required to set up a simple loop to go around a circle with a diameter of about 4.5...
  5. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    I have a K-line Timken Bearing 100 year Anniversary set with engine and all cars. It also comes with the big box, the set came in. All cars are in original boxes. No other parts available. More pics upon request. $400.00 OBO.
  6. DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    i bought a set today CHEAP with a neat IC loco and was wondering if tyco engine run well enough and if it is worth installing a digitrax decoder. Please give me your opionions. Thx, Penn$y
1-6 of 6 Results