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  1. My Layout
    Hello, I'm new to this forum. Last few weeks I've been trying to get fellow modeler's opinions. This is a tale of 1/160 size crews on my tiny layout. Thank you for your time
  2. Z Scale
    Hi, I am looking for a Z scale train set of an unusual configuration. I want the track to hug the inside perimeter of an approximately 24 X 10 inch bookcase. I am not sure if a smaller curve around the sides of the bookcase will be too sharp to turn. Do you know if it is possible to get or...
  3. My Layout
    Hi everyone, I'm working on a 2x3 n scale layout and wanted to see what you all thought. I started it around a year and a half ago, worked for a few months and got track and pretty pathetic scenery done, then stopped. I've made it my goal to actually finish it now, with good scenery. No...
1-3 of 3 Results