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  1. MTH DCS Premier Steam smoke fan not working

    O Scale
    MTH Steam engine, smoke heater comes on, analog or DCS, fan does not. Disassembled engine, power applied to fan connector pigtail and fan works fine. Traced fan wires individually from fan all the way to connector that plugs into cable which then plugs into the tender. I then, while still all...
  2. smoke on 1964 Marx 1666 with side smoke

    General Model Train Discussion
    Background: Got this MARX set in 1964. 1666 side smoker. When I run this unit under light load smoke is not visible. If it is run full power with a heavier load it will smoke but just slightly. Do the smoke heating coils get weak with age or is the original smoke fluid I got with the set in...
  3. user guide for American Flyer 4321

    General Model Train Discussion
    for an 1938 American Flyer 4321 ,O gauge loco can someone guide me on howto : a. get smoke working: do I have to put water or oil some where in loco? b. drive the loco in reverse: I don't see any reverse option on the transformer, do I have to do something on loco? c. get the whistle to...
  4. Train sparking and smoking like a volcano

    O Scale
    Okay, so volcano might be a stretch, but that's how it looks to me when my dear train is freaking out. It's from 1993, family got it when I was two. It was the family train and was used at Christmas and any time we kids wanted to play with it. When I went off to college, I didn't get to see...
  5. Improving mid 90's Lionel 4-8-4 J-Class smoke unit

    O Scale
    Howdy, I recently purchased what looked like a new in box Lionel 6-18040 Norfolk & Western 4-8-4 J-Class Steam Locomotive & Tender from 1995. We live in VA and my son is really excited to see the 611 come thru Manassas in a few weeks and when I saw an awesome deal on this 612 I couldn't pass it...
  6. More smoke from a post-war - a slightly different approach

    O Scale
    I've seen some of the impressive results folks are getting with resistors and decided to play around with an old 2018 that's seen lots of use and needs a refurb. I decided to try making my own heater out of #30 ni-chrome wire. I did some experimenting with different materials, lengths...
  7. My Lionel 6-18006 T-1 will not smoke

    O Scale
    Hello, This is the first time that I have posted anything on this forum. My dad has a Lionel #6-18006 Reading T-1 4-8-4 that will not smoke. Both my dad and I are mechanically inclined but have never really worked on these little trains. I am looking for ideas on where to start to try to get...
  8. Smoke generator, Lionel 2026.

    O Scale
    I have an old style 2026. Before I take it apart for a well needed lube, cleaning, I would like any info one the smoke unit. I searched the forum and only found out how to replace the old one, any links are appreciated. On a trial run the 2026 ran well, e unit worked, and it produced...
  9. Smoke unit videos added at

    Product Promotion
    There has been a lot of debate regarding smoke fluid in modern and vintage engines. We have posted videos of our fluid in both applications. You can see the videos at
  10. non-smoking 637

    O Scale
    Just had my Lionel 637 lubed up... first time since it was purchased by my dad in 1959. Runs fine, but since the lube is not smoking hardly at all... previously was blowing smoke rings and clouding the room. Is still set up for pellets. Took it apart this weekend and noticed that the cap on...
  11. `79 Lionel engine smokes?

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hi, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! I'm new to this forum. I just bought my little boy his first train. I opted to buy an older Lionel engine, tender, and caboose. He is pretty excited. I have a question and I'm hoping somebody can help me: The engine smokes. It has a three-way switch on the...
  12. Lack of Smoke in HO Trains

    HO Scale
    I just bought a small Bachman Rio Grande steam loco for my son. It had both light and smoke and cost about $80.00. The train ran fine except it refused to smoke. At first I put 3-4 drops in and then when it didn't smoke after a few minutes I put a few more drops in. It still would not smoke. I...
  13. Adding Smoke

    O Scale
    I have a scout LOCO that has a working smoke unit installed but the motor is not wired for it. I don't want to pull the motor apart due to the wheel removal problem. I'm thinking about installing a new roller to supply power to the smoker. Anybody ever try this before?