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  1. O Scale
    I bought the latest version of the Polar Express LionChief (5.0) set a couple months ago. I have both the master volume and individual sounds at their loudest setting. With the train running even at half speed, the horn and other sounds get drowned out by the track noise, especially if I have...
  2. O Scale
    I am enjoying the new Lionel TMCC speeder I recently purchased. It is the yellow MOW version and is very attractive. The one thing it is missing is a horn sound. When I used to run real speeders down the main line at Roaring Camp Railroad in Felton, CA, I was required to beep the horn at each...
  3. HO Scale
    I'm wandering if there is some kind of sound box that was ever created for the old style dc not DDC I currently run nothing but dc and haven't ventured into DDC yet I would like to stay with dc but I would like sound I think it would change my trains so much Thanks Cr
  4. O Scale
    I am looking to purchase a locomotive for my train "addict" hubby for a gift. He uses Lionel TMCC engines mostly but has only be into this hobby for a few years. We attend the TCA York show each year, but I don't really know what I'm looking at. I am looking for a model with superior sound...
  5. O Scale
    Has anyone had experience with this system? MRC sound station city & country Any other sound effects system? Thanks, Mr. Bill
1-5 of 5 Results