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sound of steam
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  1. HO Scale
    2-6-6-2 spectrum DCC & SOUND loco
  2. O Scale
    hey guys. saw the diagram on the sound of steam board. shows a 220 ohm resistor on the smoke unit to chuff the tender. Can I get these at radio shack? its a larger brown type. Im going to get ones for my crescent limited, my jersey central blue one, one of my 442 black engines. I...
  3. O Scale
    Hi guys. I saw a post in 2010 on the sound of steam boards. a few of you were posting about resistors and if there is actual sound from the speaker, all you need is to change out the resistor where the smoke unit is? that would be great if that is all it is. I have a bunch of these, all have...
  4. O Scale
    Hello. I have a late 70's early 80's lionel 8403 engine and tender. I just got the engine running good an focusing on the tender. It has a sound of steam sound board that is not functioning properly. Believe it is lionel part number 8142T-35. I saw a video on this sight where it is to...
  5. O Scale
    :eek: Yeah, I found a project at the train show. It has a speaker and a sound board. It's an 1130 tender with Pennsylvania markings. The back says made by Lionel with 8060T marking. The production is 1978 to1982 about. I found the print in the Lionel section 1-9 . The board is 8142T-35 The...
1-5 of 5 Results