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  1. General Model Train Discussion
    Hello all, I have a couple HO gauge Athearn Genesis Locos with factory installed SoundTraxx Tsunami2. The locos are great and the sound is impressive. When the loco is placed on the track the sound immediately turns on. First you hear the loco start and then the engine winding up. I know the...
  2. HO Scale
    I currently have UP veranda turbine with digitrax dcc decoder (ho scale) and would like to add a sound decode. Which decode sound is appropriate?
  3. HO Scale
    Hi All I am a beginner with HO scale. About the sound of trains I often see such as: TSU, ESU, Proto, Pragon .... Does anyone have documents or websites that talk more about these sound brands? Thanks
  4. N Scale
    Hello all, Looking for assistance with a Fleischmann BR 187 (#738901) electric engine. The unit uses a Next18 DCC decoder. As the ESU Next18 sound decoders do not have solder pads on the decoder, I was told that the pads are on the main PCB of the train. Fleischmann's documentation does not...
  5. HO Scale
    I recently bought this loco 2nd hand. The loco runs, the blinking Led works and the light bulbs, but it has a horn sound and it doesn't work. Would anyone know how it supposed to work ? I suspect one the components on the "Space Age Electronics" on the PCB maybe faulty. I connected 5VDC to...
  6. HO Scale
    I just got a sound machine for my ho layout which is DC and It says in the manual that in order for it to sound right both speakers need to be built in a baffle ive looked online and seen that they use a foam like egg crate foam I have some of that ive never built one and have no idea how to...
  7. HO Scale
    I'm wandering if there is some kind of sound box that was ever created for the old style dc not DDC I currently run nothing but dc and haven't ventured into DDC yet I would like to stay with dc but I would like sound I think it would change my trains so much Thanks Cr
  8. Retailer Deals
    North Idaho Model Trains is proud to announce that it is now a Soundtraxx (Tsunami Sound Decoders) and Blackstone Models(Narrow gage HOn3) Dealer! We have been doing Installs and repairs on everything from Z to G. Now will also offer sales of products from Soundtraxx and Blackstone Models too...
  9. Model Train Videos
    I installed a Digitrax SDN144PS sound decoder in another Thomas. It's by far not my first install of DCC or sound in Thomas. It was a first for the install of two SMD LED's in the front and rear lights, And it was a challange! I've done other bulb and led lighting on Thomas, but this one was...
  10. HO Scale
    My hard work of searching has paid off again, this time on Craigslist. Just picked up an Athearn F59phi(DCC quick plug equipped) in Metrolink livery with a 4 car consist of Bombardier bi-levels for $140! My question is for the cab control car. Since it is not equipped with working lights how...
  11. HO Scale
    Just purchased The Explorer set by spectrum that I found at the goodwill for $60. Engine is a New york central Baldwin 2-8-0 w/DCC. I'm new to dcc and I want to know how to add sound. I understand it may require some rewiring and modifying, just don't know where to start. Any help would be...
  12. HO Scale
    I have a GP38-2 and everytime i go above a certain speed it makes a weird noise. it also seems kinda slow. It is a brand new train and i want to get it fixed asap.
  13. O Scale
    DO NOT BUY from Digital Dynamics Horrible communication and shipping takes 3 weeks or more. If you have issues very slow and bad communication!! He won't return calls rarely returns emails. Won't even return emails about shipping tracking numbers. Definitely does not include...
1-13 of 14 Results