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  1. O Scale
    So my VISION GS-1 works on Lionel Fastrack with an MTH Z-1000 controller. Everything worked out fine for the first day I ran it. Unfortunately, however, the firebox glow does not work anymore. Can anyone help me diagnose the problem at all?
  2. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    In Like new condition, for 1000 dollars and free shipping! No scratches or damages!
  3. HO Scale
    Somewhere near the East Bay on the way to Walnut Creek is Harlin Hay! The date is 1958, but Harlin Hay has already been around for many years right of the SP main. Stop in and say hello sometime, old man Ed Harlin would love to sit and chat with you about how great things are. Might even give...
  4. My Layout
    Here are some photos of night scenes that were shot and lit by Charles Smiley on his 1950's SP and WP HO layout! I like his techniques!
  5. Model Train Photo Gallery
    Some 1950's SP and WP HO modeling near Oakland! Scenes modeled and lighted by Charles Smiley's!
  6. HO Scale
    Some 1950's SP and WP HO night scenes near Oakland and Walnut Creek! This is on Charles Smiley's HO layout!
  7. Structures Forum
    Some scratch built lighted 1950's SP and WP HO night scenes, near Oakland and Walnut Creek by Charles Smiley on his HO layout!
  8. My Layout
    Hello, I'm new to this forum. Last few weeks I've been trying to get fellow modeler's opinions. This is a tale of 1/160 size crews on my tiny layout. Thank you for your time
  9. Southern Pacific #3414 Lionel Legacy Gp-9

    Made 1st investment into future layout (New locomotive)
  10. Other Scales
    Here are some videos which showcase a beautifully built 7.5 gauge GS-4 Daylight. Enjoy! If you'd like to see more O scale, HO scale, live steam, or full scale videos please visit my channel- or 5DyOduwqTeI&lis
  11. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello I have a Southern Pacific train car to trade for a different one. I am looking for the Rapido Panorama SP Lightweight Car. The car I want to trade is a run once in box Centralia Car Shops 4-4-2 SP-Sunset. It is the car featured here behind the baggage car. As you can see it sticks out. Hit...
  12. North America
    How did the B&M Berkshires travel??? That's what I want to know, because 2-8-4's are some of my favorite locomotives, and them in the redwoods, and in the desert, is the most fascinating part of their history! Anybody care to elaborate??? :thumbsup::D:thumbsup: "Ayeeeee!" says the Fonz
  13. HO Scale
    This is a show and tell. Not much to tell but I can show you.
1-14 of 15 Results