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  1. N Scale
    Found a dandy $.99 speed measurer on the iphone app store. you put in the distance, then time as it passes through the measured area. I put in 36 inches and the start/stop gives a good readout. You can measure 1 mph or up to 900 mph. Next I went to the real railroad and looked up speed limits...
  2. O Scale
    MTH GP 60 with PS 2. I was running it and another engine separately on my layout when the GP 60 just started going really fast! I had to grab it before it crashed. I have reset the engine, but it still goes fast when I put it in forward or reverse and when I hit direction button, it shuts...
  3. General Model Train Discussion
    I recently got an engine that came with a "Dummy Plug". Now, I heard it can make your engine go faster. Is this all it can do, or can it make other changes to engine performance? ~Cprail43
1-3 of 3 Results