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  1. Beginner Q & A
    Hi guys, Sorry for the redundant title. I didn't proof it, and now I can't edit it. I have about a $200 budget, and I want to buy a old west style steamer, like the 4-4-0's or similar and the associated track required to set up a simple loop to go around a circle with a diameter of about 4.5...
  2. Beginner Q & A
    Hi everyone, I have been interested in model railroading for quite some time now and I am just starting to really engage in it and learn more. I was hoping for some help and opinions on how to and in what order to expand. Being only 16 funds are limited. 1. I currently have a HO scale 72" x 45"...
  3. Retailer Deals
    Features: • Getting started with digital model railroading the large way, American style • Mobile station included • Heavy duty locomotive with high=efficiency propulsion • Great sound: diesel motor, horn, bell, etc • Metal frame and locomotive body...
1-3 of 3 Results