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  1. N Scale
    I am trying to interpret track elements to create an island platform on a viaduct double track layout. It would seem I need a 23-232 Viaduct Station Platform, realistically probably needing some 4 extn panels. Has anyone created a station 'yard' using either the extn 23-232 or scratch built a...
  2. N Scale
    I'm having a hard time finding an overhead pedestrian walkway for my layout. I've decided to go with three tracks wide, but every walkway I find is made for two tracks or I find stations that split tracks apart. First, this has eliminated a lot of options for my train station (due to my tracks...
  3. HO Scale
    Hi Im Wondering if i should Paint my Train Station... If Yes What Colour. If No Why?
  4. S Scale
    This isn't an Engine, tender or car!:laugh::laugh::laugh: This is a prewar, Lionel 127 Station house. The scale is more like "S", than "O" While it was a bit scary to look at, and I'll be making a roof, it had potential and will do nicely when I get my table done:rolleyes: Lots of hand...
  5. Tinplate
    The latest string of lights will go into the station. I cleaned the roof upwith rubbing compound. I figured out how to remove it. It needs a second chimney.
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  12. Station3

  13. Station2

  14. Station1

1-14 of 14 Results