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steam locomotive

  1. Beginner Q & A
    Hello All, I am vary new to model railroading. I purchased an older train set from a train museum gift shop and cannot get the locomotive running. When it is on the track the light turns on and I can hear an electric humming sound. The wheels will not move on or off of the track. I removed...
  2. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    A Pennsylvania Railroad K4 Pacific 4-6-2 Streamlined Steam Locomotive and Tender from the Lionel Smithsonian Collection (made by Gary Kohs Fine Art Models) in 0 scale, 2-rail, factory finished in black with gold numbers, lettering and details, and marked with road No. 3768. Item specifics...
  3. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Item specifics: Condition: Mint, New. A brand-new, unused, undamaged item. Brand: Lionel Trains, LLC Model: 6-18045 Scale: Lionel "O scale" 3 rail train chassis (Display case is 2 rail) Year: 1996 Power Supply: AC Type: Steam Locomotive with Coal Tender Grading: Mint, Brand New, Never Used...
  4. HO Scale
    2-6-6-2 spectrum DCC & SOUND loco
  5. O Scale
    At a train show in Santa Clara California this past weekend I doubled my roster of K-Line steamers (to 2). I now own a K-Line Mikado with TMCC and a K-Line NYC Hudson with TMCC. Overhauling these engines has revealed that the Mike has a ratio of 22 revs of the motor to one rev of the drivers...
  6. O Scale
    Alright, this has been my dream train for many years. I found this on Lionel's store and i'm seriously thinking about owning my dream train. Who thinks I should get it?
  7. HO Scale
    So here it is, what's everybody's view on the Athearn Steamer's? I'm talking the B&M pacifics, the 0-6-0, the 0-4-2t, the modern day steamer's, but No Roundhouse, please? Share, you're better for it!