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  1. Help, Unable to Id type of building

    Structures Forum
    I have this among other plasticville buildings, I am working on restoring them. However this building i can't seem to locate who makes it to get parts for it to clean it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Jonathan
  2. Part 2 of my kitbash of the Holt Hotel

    Structures Forum
    Here is the second of three parts of my kitbash of the Holt Hotel in Wichita Falls, TX. Here I scratch build trim and install it with windows and weathering.
  3. Kitbashing a Plastic Structure

    Structures Forum
    It is always a challenge to find a kit that can be transformed (kitbashed) into a prototype structure you need. I show you some techniques as I kitbash the Holt Hotel (part 1).
  4. Plaster Kit Video Tutorial - Little Red Brick House

    Structures Forum
    Here's the first episode of a tutorial I'm making on building hydrostone structural kits in N scale. The kit is from GUNG-HO! Miniatures and represents a small Taiwanese brick house for a micro layout featuring the Taiwan Railway. I hope this helps those who are looking for a video guide on...
  5. Chinatown Structure Models

    N Scale
    Does anyone know were to find N Scale models for a Chinatown layout?
  6. OO Scale

    Structures Forum
    This is my first OO scale project. As soon as my OO scale windows come in I'll build a basswood version too. TC
  7. Maker of German Brand HO Scale Art Studio

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hello. Back in the early-80s, I (or, rather, my parents) almost bought an HO-scale Art Studio for my layout. It even had figures in it, including an artist painting a nude model! It was made by what I believe was a German company. Has anyone else heard of this, and if so, does anyone know who...