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  1. Structures Forum
    I have this among other plasticville buildings, I am working on restoring them. However this building i can't seem to locate who makes it to get parts for it to clean it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Jonathan
  2. Structures Forum
    Here is the second of three parts of my kitbash of the Holt Hotel in Wichita Falls, TX. Here I scratch build trim and install it with windows and weathering.
  3. Structures Forum
    It is always a challenge to find a kit that can be transformed (kitbashed) into a prototype structure you need. I show you some techniques as I kitbash the Holt Hotel (part 1).
  4. Structures Forum
    Here's the first episode of a tutorial I'm making on building hydrostone structural kits in N scale. The kit is from GUNG-HO! Miniatures and represents a small Taiwanese brick house for a micro layout featuring the Taiwan Railway. I hope this helps those who are looking for a video guide on...
  5. N Scale
    Does anyone know were to find N Scale models for a Chinatown layout?
  6. Structures Forum
    This is my first OO scale project. As soon as my OO scale windows come in I'll build a basswood version too. TC
  7. General Model Train Discussion
    Hello. Back in the early-80s, I (or, rather, my parents) almost bought an HO-scale Art Studio for my layout. It even had figures in it, including an artist painting a nude model! It was made by what I believe was a German company. Has anyone else heard of this, and if so, does anyone know who...
1-7 of 7 Results