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  1. HO Scale
    Hello everybody I am sorry if the last post I made did not delete I promise to look more carefully before asking a question and if it did not delete please tell me how to delete posts or if I even can delete posts. But my question is for using Styrofoam for terrain should I buy a Styrofoam...
  2. O Scale
    Hi Everyone, With help from a fellow model train enthusiast, I have decided on a 6 X 10 Platform in my basement. As of now, we are going to be using a styrofoam board on top to help with the noise of the trains going around. I have no intentions of braking up the foam for scenery purposes as...
  3. O Scale
    Tables are completed. Options to cover tables. 1. paint table 2. styrofoam sheets 3. indoor - outdoor carpet What is best? If one uses styrofoam, how do you screw your track down?? longer screws? I'm using the original metal tubular track. I presume u can paint the styrofoam any color and...
1-3 of 3 Results