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  1. Lionel Manual vs. Remote Switches

    O Scale
    "As illustrated in Figure 3, rotate the top of the switch stands to throw the switches. These switches are equipped with a non-derailing feature. The train’s wheels automatically throw the blades to the proper position when the train travels toward the converging track. If you experience...
  2. Are The EZ Track Crossovers power- routing or not??

    HO Scale
    I'm assembling a DC layout, and would like to know if the Bachmann crossovers are power routing, because I'm going to be running a double loop setup with two DC controllers and two B- man crossovers. Heres a link to one...
  3. What kind of bulbs for K line Switch

    O Scale
    I have a K-line switch for my O Gauge track but it is missing a few bulbs. I saw on a train store online they were selling K line bulbs for about $5 each. Seems pricey to me. Does anybody here know what kind of bulbs fit the sockets in the attached photo? I know they need to be red and...
  4. Really odd Fastrack 6-12046 switch issue

    O Scale
    Howdy, I purchased two of these switches for my new layout and it's my first experience with them. Both were described as new in box but look to be older stock as the date on the packaging says 2004. My left hand switch works perfectly. No issues. The right hand switch is having some odd...
  5. Compatible switch motors for Scaletrax

    O Scale
    Hey guys, just wanted some suggestions for switch motors for my mth scaletrax layout. I have 4 switches and 2 burned up straight out of the box. I wanna replace them with something more reliable but will work with the track I have. Any suggestions?
  6. Standard gauge switch question, lionel 223

    Technical Model Train Forum
    I'm curious about the two types of Lionel 223 switches I've found, one type with no capacity to wire direct to constant voltage and the other with internal wiring done precisely for it. The part numbering is the same for both, does anyone know the history of these two types of 223's? Thunderbird
  7. O 27 1121 turnout

    O Scale
    I have not seen this smooth top switch cover any where else. Anyone know about it? It must have come with the set in 1939 or 1940.
  8. O27 1122 Remote Switch Problem

    General Model Train Discussion
    I just pulled my father's train set out of storage, it hasn't been used since the 80's. I had the KW transformer refurbished and I cleaned up the steam locomotives. They run great and I couldn't be happier but I wanted to try and set up a more elaborate track. I found two pair of remote switches...
  9. Matching controllers with switches

    S Scale
    I have accumulated quite a collection of switch tracks and controllers. I think I read somewhere that some of the older controllers that are not what I would call "momentary" in their powering of the switch track, and that they shouldn't be used with the switches that were designed to be used...
  10. Making 1121 switches anti-derail & rehab 1122 switches

    O Scale
    Hey everyone... loooooong time no see. (life, in the form of a gutted bathroom and a new boiler has gotten in the way of trains.) So, I have received my transformer and engine back from the train doctor, and it's time to get to work. :D For project number one, I need to make my 1121 switches...
  11. Pick Up Roller Problem

    O Scale
    Just got a new MTH ALCO R-3 Diesel. It has double pick up rollers. Problem is: When running in one direction over switches straight on it immediately hits a dead spot and stops. When I turn engine around and run it the other way it works fine. My other two engines have no problem, so am...
  12. Marx remote switch voltage

    O Scale
    I posted this in the wrong Forum; sorry new to this business. What is the minimum voltage I need to apply to a Marx remote switch to cause it to engage? I have a 1033 transformer with 5, 11 or 16 volt terminals. Thanks, Dan:confused:
  13. N Scale atlas switch causing loco 'bog down'

    Beginner Q & A
    Hi all, I've finally gotten around to wiring up my switch and putting it in my layout. This is the only AC accessory I have right now and anytime I press the button to toggle the switch my locomotive slows right down. I should note that I'm not holding the button down for long and that I've...
  14. 3010 switch electric question

    O Scale
    I have a RH 3010 switch that works with the following exception: The switch controller will not move the switch from straight (green) to curved (red). What does work: - I can physically move the controller with the leveler with ease. - I can use the controller to move the switch from curved...
  15. Switch compatibility with prewar Lionel

    O Scale
    On the thread Doorway Layout & Track Question, the illustrious TJ made the remark... to which the indomitable servoguy responded... Thanks to the iridescent gunrunnerjohn, I recently acquired a collection of O27 switches and decided to do some testing to find a type compatible with both...
  16. Short occurs when running over switches

    Beginner Q & A
    I have built my first layout and my track set up is essentially a large loop with two inwardly switching inner loops, so 4 switches. Each time my loco runs over a switch the transformer shorts out. Im running a MTH loco, MTH scale track, and MTH switches. All brand new. This may be a dumb...
  17. 1122 Switch Loss of Power

    O Scale
    I have three 1122 switches on my layout. All 3 work fine with lights, and switching mechanisms. The one problem I have is that the straight stretch on one of them has no power at the end, thus the engine hits the dead spot and stops. - I can run the engine into the turnout and take the curved...
  18. Atlas O - Custom Supreme O Switch (11 Available)

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello all, Selling these mint condition never been used units for my father. He has 11 Atlas O - Custom Supreme 0 Switches (0 Gauge) available - $50 each O-36 Lefthand Remote O-36 Righthand Remote O-45 Lefthand Remote O-45 Righthand Remote I do not know much about these, my father is the...