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  1. O Scale
    According to the guide this is a type four car. Bar end trucks with no side ladders and the word tank at the end of the technical information. 1951 and 1952 were the dates of manufacture. I am cleaning up the trucks now and did a partial paint on the frame. I left the under center...
  2. O Scale
    Evening Lads. I would like to use this thread for all Newbys that have questions in regards to Train or Rail Car identification. One thing I learned from our initial correspondence is that between all of the people on here, I do not think there is anything about Trains or modeling that you all...
  3. O Scale
    What do you do with a junk tank car. I don't own a submarine car so I made one. This was abused, it had holes drilled in the side. Most of the markings were worn off. The aft hatch was cut with a dremel and lowered. The aft end is a whip cream cap. The fins are birch plywood. The screw cover is...
1-3 of 3 Results