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  1. ERR Boards now sold by Sunset / 3rd Rail

    O Scale
    ERR CRUISE COMMANDER M STEAM KIT $99.95 Sunset 3rd Rail website!
  2. Cruise Commander LED Headlights

    O Scale
    Hello all, As a quick follow up to my previous post ( I ended up acquiring two MTH motors/motor blocks, and separately bought TMCC electronics. I got a cruise commander and sound commander (with Dash-9 sounds), and the engine looks, sounds...
  3. For Sale: Lionel TMCC Remote Control Set

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Have for sale the following Lionel TMCC items as a set, complete with boxes and instructions. With the exception of the Big Red Switch, which was never used, these items were gently used on a layout to control non-command locomotives. All items worked when last used. Selling all for $150, which...
  4. Lionel Gantry Crane converted to TMCC

    O Scale
    Using a (sadly now discontinued) upgrade kit from the ERR company, I have successfully converted a conventional Lionel Gantry Crane (1970's version) to TMCC control. I had some high-level help, but the main part of the work was pretty straightforward. The main component used in this conversion...
  5. Lionel's Legacy System: Retrofits Possible?

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    Question: Is there any way to retrofit Lionel older TMCC locomotives to have Legacy capabilities: updated sounds or utilization of the Lionel sensor track? Thanks in advance for any ideas on this subject.
  6. Lionel Cab-1 to Cab-1L upgrade: reprogramming required?

    O Scale
    I am currently running a Command environment on my layout using the older Lionel Cab-1 system. I have a chance to get the newer Cab-1L system for a very low price. My question is: will I have to reprogram all of my tmcc locomotives and accessories to use them with the Cab-1L system? I'd...
  7. Lionel Barrel Car - TMCC Installed!

    O Scale
    I bought an old Lionel train set (circa early 1950's) from a lady in Sunnyvale California whose husband had died a couple of years ago. The locomotive was #2055, whistle in tender, box car, caboose, and an operating barrel car #3562-25. I'm sure none of this equipment was run for at least 50...
  8. Best TMCC Circuit Protection?

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    I'm using an MRC Pure Power Dual transformer to provide track power to my TMCC controlled locomotives. This transformer has a circuit breaker for each side but I'm thinking I need a faster acting circuit breaker to protect the electronics in my TMCC locomotives. Can anyone recommend a good piece...
  9. K-Line Mikado with TMCC circa 2003

    O Scale
    I hope someone can direct me to a source of a user's manual for a K-Line NYC O Scale Mikado with TMCC, Railsounds and Electrocouplers. I bought this locomotive today at a train show in San Jose California and it came absolutely bare with no box or documentation of any kind. I believe it was...
  10. Summer Carpet Layout

    O Scale
    So, for those of you who don't know, I'm 17, and I play with my trains as though I were 10. I have my HO layout I can always work on, but sometimes I have the need to run my Lionel collection, so my brothers and I build huge carpet layouts. We then usually build LEGO and Lincoln Log towns, fill...
  11. Looking for great sound

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    I am looking to purchase a locomotive for my train "addict" hubby for a gift. He uses Lionel TMCC engines mostly but has only be into this hobby for a few years. We attend the TCA York show each year, but I don't really know what I'm looking at. I am looking for a model with superior sound...
  12. TMCC and outside rails

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    OK- I was watching some u-tube videos that Lionel had posted of a guy (factory sponsored) doing a "how it works" class. the info is good- you have to look past the part where he talks about 60hz line having 60 "zero crossings" per second. He must have gone to different AC theory school than I...
  13. Lionel TMCC, Legacy, & Conventional Power & Control

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    Hello, I am new to the hobby and want to set up a O-scale multi-engine layout using Lionel FasTrack and the new Legacy Controller. I have purchased a set that comes with the conventional CW-80 transformer but have not yet purchased the Legacy controller. I have also already purchased a...
  14. Williams upgrade to TMCC

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    I've got an F7 Williams that I would like to upgrade with TMCC. Anyone done this type of modification? How easy or hard is it to do? Parts - get them thru Thanks for any help. Mr. Bill
  15. Using TMCC with 1122 Switches

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    Finally got the table built for the new layout. (8x5)… Going to have 2 mainline loops with 2 engines running at a time. Going to have a passing siding on the outside loop and some industrial sidings on the inside. The switches will be 1122’s with the isolation pins in the proper place to...