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  1. HO Scale
    I adapted a NYC Lines East Tower kit to represent SM tower located on the east end of the Alfred H. Smith Memorial Bridge. It is shown in a temporary location on my layout. This was a nice kit to build with laser cut pieces.
  2. S Scale
    I learned how to wire up the 596 water tank that has been sitting around for over a year (I know, it has been too long) as well as adding in a couple end buffers (the ones with the red bulb in them) that are green in colour. I found a couple of spare red bulbs to put in and thought (especially...
  3. O Scale
    In my recent intro posting I was asked to attach some pics, so here they are, just out of storage after at least 25 years. I also have several questions, but I'll keep them to a few if its ok Can anyone ID that black tower? What can I use to fix the hinges(There's probable a better name)on...
1-3 of 3 Results