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  1. O Scale
    Hi, Happy Holidays to all. Can someone please tell me how I can replace a Lionel control box (uncouple/unload) for an UCS with a toggle switch. I want to use fixed voltage to operate the control track. I do not use ctc’s on my layout so I know the #3 post (on the UCS) will not be used, the...
  2. O Scale
    I recently received an Operating Box Car (MTH) that requires an Uncoupling/Unloading Track Section. The directions show this as a FastTrax, I use 'older' Lionel 3-rail track. Is there an uncoupling option with the Lionel track?
  3. O Scale
    thought I would do a show and tell on Lionel Track sections and what they operate . The first one is the UCS O gage section. It handles the shoe connector from a Lionel Truck and a center magnet for uncoupling and car actions. The next three are 027 gage. The RCS with no magnet and two...
1-3 of 3 Results