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  1. S Scale
    I am slowly working my way through cleaning up some old track and was wondering what you guys recommend for cleaning in the end holes where the tracks connect (I know, no steel wool!). Some previous posts suggest using the same tool that is used on oxy/acetylene torch heads as shown below. I...
  2. O Scale
    I was chatting with a friend of my father at my mom's memorial service and he mentioned that he cleans dirty track in the dishwasher. He runs AF but thought it would work with Three rail. Besides the obvious need for a complete dry after it finishes, has any one used this method?
  3. Beginner Q & A
    OK so now I have a ton of places I can't clean the brass track because I have buried it in mountains and tunnels. The Railroads budget for spending is Zero the Accountant tells me (nothing new :rolleyes: ) and I think it was here I have seen a few of you make your own cleaner car. I am...
  4. HO Scale
    I just put together a quick oval on the floor in the guest room to run an engine. I have about 40 feet of brass Atlas (83), Playart, and IHC track. The engine is real herky jerky and runs good on some sections and not on others. I read up on the problem and it sounds like dirty track...
  5. HO Scale
    First of all let me say that i am a total newbie. I recently unboxed a train set that i have had for about 25 years. It has probably been hooked up 5 times in 25 years and has not been run in 15 years. I eventually would like to hook it up on some type of track in my son's room... (he is the...
  6. O Scale
    Impressed with Shaygetz I followed through.The old thread. The result. Works Wonders. I also made a guide for drilling.
  7. General Model Train Discussion
    Does anyone have a layout with more then 9 sets of ho's running. What are your techniques to keep the track clean.
1-7 of 7 Results