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track laying

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  1. HO Scale
    This may be a long thread, but I have lots of basic questions. 1. I am a new HO model railroader, as a child and adult with my kids, I had an American Flyer set, am a DIY so I’m reasonably familiar with electric. I have a layout with two 8 x 11’ panels connected with a 4 x 2’ panel to form...
  2. Layout Design Forum
    I'm using CVT ties and about to start laying track. I've been pondering how to handle track joints. I'm using code 83 rail and I was thinking that at a track joint I could remove 2 CVT ties and replace them with 2 PC ties then solder the rail joiner to the 2 PC ties. The joints would be offset...
  3. My Layout
    Hey, So I have decided on running 3 main lines and each electrically isolated from each other. I have a space of max 6ft by 10 ft. My problem is deciding what shape of track to do. I have been thinking about keeping it 2 ft wide and just border the area. Any tips of what to do or don't do in...
  4. Layout Design Forum
    I'll show you how to go from a simple flat board to a nice 3D add-on for your layout for cheap and easy. The principals can be used for virtually any scale and size. This small layout / diorama board took about 8 hours to build, most of that time was waiting for material to dry. The final...
1-4 of 4 Results