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  1. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Prices as indicated below plus actual postage. Will sell individually (except for the locomotives) or as a package. Payment by PayPal. Locomotive Walthers Proto 2000 Alco F7A-B set. The "A" unit works fine, but the "B" unit needs electrical repair, new wiring, two trucks and maybe more. A...
    $225 USD
  2. DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    Hello, all. Getting into the hobby in my mid-60's. It really helps me to directly ask questions rather than do a lengthy search that may not yield what I'm looking for; hope this is not a problem, as I'm sure I will be asking questions that have been answered many times before. My layout is...
  3. HO Scale
    I have heard it could but i am not sure if its real, if its not the case is there any other type of track that has 3 rails and power running down all 3?
  4. HO Scale
    I know this might be really stupid but for whatever reason, I've had a significant amount of trouble trying to connect these two loops.
  5. General Model Train Discussion
    Hello! I joined the forum today specifically to ask this question. Does anybody know what company made this track I have here? I found this today while digging around in some of my childhood toys and it triggered very vague and foggy memories of a tiny train set I had completely forgotten I had...
  6. O Scale
    I am looking to buy some straight - 10" and 30" - Realtrax, but the only place i can find it is ebay. Any other places?
  7. HO Scale
    I have an assortment of Triang locos, track and rolling stock from the '50s and '60s that has been in boxes for the better part of 50 years. When COVID happened back in March and my regular routine came to a halt, I decided to pull out some of this old stuff to see if anything still worked...
  8. G / #1 Scale
    Hello! Does anyone here have any tips or experience with track for garden railways? (G scale of course.) Which one is the cheapest, but good quality? Which one would be good for battery operated, (but might support electric)? Thanks.
  9. Beginner Q & A
    I just replaced my HO Atlas Code 83 track with new Kato Unitrack. I did not use cork roadbed, and laid it down on very smooth, flat 3/4" birch plywood. The joints snap together nicely, but I find that one rail will be perfectly mated up and the other rail will create a vertical 'step' with the...
  10. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello! I'm considering selling pieces of HO track, and am wondering how HO track is usually priced? Are separate prices assigned for curved pieces as opposed to straight, for example? Would it be unreasonable to sell track by how much the box full of track pieces weighs? Is there a range for...
  11. General Model Train Discussion
    Hi, new forum member with a real rookie question. I'm in an apartment and don't really have room for a HO layout, but I'm collecting HO loco's and cars. I wanted to make a small 4' track to simply test a locomotive when purchased to make sure the sound, lighting and motor works. I'm thinking...
  12. Beginner Q & A
    I'm pretty new to the hobby and recently got a bunch of rail as a gift. One of the pieces is... weird; it's got a little gap, but only in one rail, and the underside has these conductive pieces... I've attached some pictures to show. What's this thing do, and what's it called?
  13. O Scale
    Hello Gang. I have an old O gauge (not o27) track and lionel transformers. Instead of those weight trigger contacts to trigger a crossing gate or flashing signal crossing, I want to use isolated track. One of the old timers at a train show explained to me that if I use isolated track, and...
  14. HO Scale
    Hi everyone, I installed this Peco #5 electrofrog turnout driven by a Tortoise machine. The problem is power is not getting to every rail -- i'm hoping attached photo will explain. The stock rails are hard-wired to + and - and the frog gets its power from Tortoise's DPDT contacts, to flip...
  15. O27

    O Scale
    What is the difference between O and O27. I have a prewar locomotive that has O27 on the bottom name plate
  16. DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    I'm very new to model trains. Purchased my first set (Bachmann Red Rock Express) at my hobby shop 3 days ago. It's HO scale. I'm looking to expand and need help. With the set, it comes with EZ Track. I love how easy it is to put together but I absolutely hate the look. I don't like the large...
  17. O Scale
    I have a K-line switch for my O Gauge track but it is missing a few bulbs. I saw on a train store online they were selling K line bulbs for about $5 each. Seems pricey to me. Does anybody here know what kind of bulbs fit the sockets in the attached photo? I know they need to be red and...
  18. S Scale
    How close can 2 runs of American flyer straight track be and still allow for various operating cars to pass unrestricted? Measured adjacent track-to-track or edge-of-tie to edge-of-tie. Please specify. Note: I also have what appears to be a Streamliner style passenger car (c. 1950-1962).
  19. N Scale
    Here is a simple explanation of how easements and superelevation work and how to employ them on your layout to help your trains run and look great.
1-20 of 65 Results